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Comfort your newborn like you're sleeping next to them

The Dream Scent Bassinet and Cot sheet are both made of 100% organic cotton which supports comfort and warmth however what makes it stand out from an ordinary sheet is the integrated lightweight breathable muslin material that helps transfer the scent from Mums (or Dads) T-shirt beneath it, encouraging a peaceful longer sleep as a baby will associate and be familiar with the smell that will flow directly through the sheet making it feel like a safe and soothing environment.

Dream Scent Story

Creator and new mum Eliza Russell gave birth to her first son Cruz in 2017. Cruz had to stay in hospital for a short while after birth and it was in this time Eliza was educated by several midwifes about the important role a mother’s scent plays in creating a bond between baby and mother. Upon returning home with her new precious boy, Eliza experimented with several techniques- before inventing the dream scent sheet to help transfer her scent to her baby Cruz in an attempt to make him feel safer in his new surrounds. The dream scent sheet allowed for a safer alternative then simply leaving the shirt next to his head in the bassinet in which she feared he could become tangled throughout the night. With the success she experienced with her own child, she was passionate to help other mums who were also experiencing sleepless nights so the dream scent sheet was born and is now being used by parents all over the world. Eliza is passionate about helping parents in the community with regular donations from dream scent going to not-for-profit orphanages and children’s hospitals.

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Designed in Canberra Australia – Dream scent Australia is a proud Australian baby brand that produces quality luxurious products ideal for new mums, grandparents and shoppers seeking gifts for family friends and family.