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Your Scented T-Shirt Goes Inside The Comforter! Helps Babies Fall Asleep More Quickly!

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Your Scented T-Shirt Goes Inside The Comforter! Helps Babies Fall Asleep More Quickly!
The Mum Scent Monkey is a sleeping and bonding aid invented and developed in Australia by new mum Eliza Russell. The Mum Scent Monkey is designed for times you can't be near your child, you can fulfil his or her need for your presence with this unique stand-in. Simply place your piece of scented clothing inside the comforter and it will be sealed by a safe Velcro seal. The Mum Scent Monkey helps promote falling asleep more quickly and reduces baby's fear of being alone. The breathable muslin section located on the monkeys belly will let the scent of your shirt flow directly through to your child. 
What is the Best Age to Introduce a Baby Comforter? Red Nose (formerly SIDS) supports the use of a sleep-safe comforter from the age of 7 months. Developmental changes around this age lead to separation anxiety, and a comforter is the perfect tool to ensure your baby feels safe, secure and reminded of you. If you would like your baby to become attached to a particular comforter from babyhood through the toddler years, between 7-10 months is the best time to introduce your comforter. Comforters make great newborn gifts, and quality comforters are safe for your baby to hug, play and chew from birth when awake. Children can benefit from having a baby comforter for many years, so it is never too late to introduce one into your nightly

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Amanda Daly
I recommend this product

Life saver

This little monkey is worth its money in gold. My little boy hates the car and has from birth. We tried everything to try and soothe him, but nothing seemed to work. Until the day I put this little monkey in with him. I’m guessing because he can smell me he doesn’t think he is alone.